Little Kneaders Sensory Workshops & Courses


We specialise in providing sensory play workshops to additional needs adults and children and seniors around Ireland. We have created our workshops to promote feelings of wellbeing, stimulate the senses and encourage muscle memory and memory recall through olfactory, touch and vision.”


All Systems Go!™ Sensory Play Workshop

This hour long workshop consists of five to seven different taste safe sensory stations and a large sensory toy area for adults or children to explore at their own pace. Each station has been carefully designed to engage the participant through colours, textures and scents. We use a mixture of sensory play and sensory system activities in this workshop. Our occupational therapy equipment has been carefully selected and each piece thoughtfully included into our workshops to give a full sensory system experience.

All of our activities have been thoroughly researched and put together using evidence based information from Ireland,Europe, the UK and the US regarding the importance of sensory play for all children and adults with additional needs. All of our stations are also safe for children with pica.


Create Your Own Dough Workshop™  

This hour long workshop incorporates calmness, fine motor skills and creativity. Thoughtfully designed to engage participants in a therapeutic creative activity and teach them how to use their doughs effectively in every day life. Each participant receives their own dough tin, dough mixture and label to design and take home with them.

Create. Knead. Design.

Create – Choose your own colour, scent and texture.

Knead – Mix your dough, add in your colour, scent and texture. Knead until perfect.

Design – Decorate your label with stickers, glitter/scented pens and bright colours. Learn effective exercises to incorporate your dough into everyday relaxation routines.



Bringing Sensory Play Into Every Day™

Our four week evening (or 1/2 day) training course for parents, teachers, SNA’s, caregivers, residential care unit staff and many others working with children or adults.

We cover;

  • The sensory systems
  • How to use sensory play for regulation
  • Types of sensory play – not just sensory bins!
  • The importance of using sensory play & how to get the best out of your students/child by using sensory play
  • How to use sensory tools effectively & why we use them
  • Safe Sensory Play – what is & isn’t safe
  • Activities to recreate at home/in school for children/adults to engage in
  • A list of Irish suppliers to purchase the best items, materials and products from for your school/home.

All materials are provided prior to the course start date for each of the activities we will do (a minimum of five). We will be exploring all sensory play textures, teaching the importance of using sensory play to encourage regulation, we will be building sensory bins and most importantly re-igniting teachers, SNA’s and parents passion for creating inviting & safe sensory play for their children to explore.

This is an interactive course, you will be required to be present/on zoom at the times/dates the course is being provided on.


To register your interest in our next course beginning Thursday April 6th please email with all of your details.


We can provide this course in person on request to charities, schools, residential care facilities, pre-schools and childcare providers. Please note that this is either delivered as a half day course (four hours) or four hours via zoom in weekly one hour sessions and requires a minimum amount of participants to be able to provide it in person.




Please contact Amy on 0892174653 for Workshop prices. Workshops are priced per hour and have a maximum number of 15 participants per hour.


Our Bringing Sensory Play Into Every Day course is €180 per person attending.


Full payment is taken at the time of booking and all bookings are subject to our cancellation policy which is detailed on our Terms of Service page.

All workshops can be set up in a large room, hall or outside that is easily accessible and allows participants to move around the stations easily.


Please contact Amy on 0892174653 or by email to book your workshop or receive more information.