The Wellness Program


With over 80% of communication being non verbal, our wellness program has been developed to enhance and nurture the mental and physical wellbeing of children and adults with additional needs through mindfulness, breath work, yoga and positive touch. Flooding the body with happy hormones to reduce stress and anxiety, to improve sleep and long term mental health.


When Little Kneaders speak about children with additional needs, we mean all additional needs, and not limited to those with physical or intellectual disabilities. Children experiencing trauma, being bullied, going through parental separations/divorce, grief, those with eating disorders and those suffering with anxiety and depression are all experiencing a time of their lives where they have additional needs and this program has been designed to be inclusive of all of them.


Our Wellness program has also been designed for adults with additional needs such intellectual and physical disabilities, severe depression and anxiety, eating disorders, Alzheimers and depression, as well as old age.


The Wellness Program has been created with the current public health system delays in mind so that we can offer a rainbow, a bridge over the gap, to improve physical and mental wellbeing and help reduce mental health issues.


The Little Kneaders Wellness Program is available to individuals, families, charities, rehabilitation centres and schools across Ireland.


We offer 1:1 family sessions, parent & child group sessions and group sessions for teachers/SNA’s/carers to schools, charities and rehabilitation centres. You can book your session with us by emailing or by calling us on 0892174653