Autism & Disability Resource Fairs


Little Kneaders are the organisers of the Autism & Disability Resource Fairs which take place

in Wexford, Dublin, Cork, Kerry & Limerick annually.


Having attended the Mayo Autism Camp resource fair in Castlemorris as an exhibitor, I couldn’t believe that these fairs weren’t available to families, individuals, schools and health professionals throughout the country. On my drive home from Mayo after an incredible evening networking with other businesses to refer families and individuals I work with and seeing first hand the impact that this fair had had for its visitors, I was determined to bring this to my local area of Ireland and beyond. I rang The Talbot Hotel in Wexford and booked the conference room, and then rang around Dublin, Cork, Kerry & Limerick…the Autism & Disability Resource Fairs were born.


A simple yet life changing method of providing families, individuals and schools with a valuable and reliable support system.


Attended by hundreds of visitors in each county area, our aim of organising these resource fairs is to help as many people as possible to access services, supports and therapists for autistic or disabled children or adults in light of the public health system delays and create a network of businesses who can support each other.

We have between 30-40 exhibitors at each fair with therapists, psychologists, support services, adult services, specialists, behaviour consultants, specialist clothing and toy retailers, sensory room installers, activity providers, parent led support groups, educators and training providers making up the majority of the exhibitors.

All of our resource fairs are free entry public events with no pre registration required, we feel strongly that families and individuals with additional needs are already filling in enough forms! You can read the press coverage about our South East Autism & Disability Resource Fair here



Event dates & locations 2023/2024


Dublin – The Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan 5th July 2023 6-9pm

Cork – The Radisson Blu Hotel, Cork City Centre 21st August 2023 6-9pm

Kerry – Muckross Park Hotel, Killarney 25th October 2023 6-9pm

Limerick – Castletroy Park Hotel, Limerick, 22nd November 2023 6-9pm

South East Autism & Disability Fair – 16th May 2024 6-9pm

"Life's most persistent question is: "What are you doing for others?" - Martin Luther King