Little Kneaders provide a range of services to families, schools, therapy centres, adult support services and many more. 


Private Therapy

Amy works 1:1 with families providing the following therapies; 

Emotional Regulation

Autism Touch Therapy 

Breath Work 


Amy also provides a 1:1  support service through the Little Kneaders Consultancy for  parents of those recently diagnosed, parents wanting to set up sensory spaces at home and for families experiencing school refusal/anxiety. 



We provide our All Systems Go! Sensory Play workshops to FRC’s, autism and disability charities, schools, support services and many more. Further information is available on our Workshops page. 

Our Therapy Dough Workshop for support services including those working with seniors which involves a group of individuals learning about the benefits of therapy dough and how to integrate it into daily routine. We then have a very relaxing and therapeutic session of making their own tins of Calm therapy dough and Uplifting therapy dough. Further information can be found on our workshops page. 


Furthermore, we have our own specialised Wellness Program for adults and children with additional needs. This program teaches mindfulness, breath work skills, yoga poses and relaxation techniques to help individuals manage their mental health positively. 


Finally, we provide specialised training in sensory play to schools, educational facilities, support services and those wanting to set up their own classes for children with additional needs. 

More information can be found on our Training page. 


If you have any questions regarding our services please email