About Us



An idea, a dream, a niggling thought, persistent intuition, a brainstorm, a constant conversation, a dare to be brave, a deep breath, a business.


My fourth baby.


Nurtured and loved from idea to fulfilment.


Little Kneaders is made up of a team of women (with great men supporting them) who are specifically trained in therapeutic play, sensory processing disorder, special needs training, developmental coordination disorder, autism and sensory processing, sensory play and communication, sensory play and dementia and sensory play during cancer care. Amy is also a trained wellness practitioner in touch therapy, yoga for children with additional needs, mindfulness and breath work.


It was my passion and dream to make our services accessible to everyone who needed them, to somehow be able to offer every child and adult to opportunity to immerse themselves into the magical world of sensory play. Utilising all of our teams skills and locations, we are now able to deliver our sensory play workshops across the country to anyone with additional needs from infancy to older adults.


Little Kneaders own sensory products are carefully researched and tested to ensure they are non toxic and safe for your children to use. I lovingly hand knead every tin of sensory and therapy dough order that comes in and sustainability remains at the forefront of our products with all packaging being recyclable and reusable.


Our collaborations are cautiously and thoughtfully chosen for their similar ethos and visions.



“And the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.” – Harold Arlen