Training Academy

Little Kneaders specialise in training childcare staff, offices, key workers, schools, special schools, restaurants and hotels in understanding neurodiversity, supporting and understanding neurodiverse families and achieving regulation through sensory play. 


This was an area that Amy was very passionate about providing through Little Kneaders, especially to special schools and SNA’s where sensory play training is not mandatory training but yet it can provide so much support to students throughout their school day and to restaurants and hotels which would allow many more families to be able to eat out or stay away from home. 


Amy is a sensory play specialist and neurodiversity educator for high support needs children and adults. Amy has trained thousands of people in understanding neurodiversity and how to create an understanding and supportive environment by implementing small changes to their establishments. Amy has also trained hundreds of people starting their own businesses in sensory play for neurodivergent children and adults. The Department of Social Protection across Ireland pay for CE Students to be trained by Amy in neurodiversity and sensory play. 



Little Kneaders are approved CPD Providers. Our minimum training is two hours which covers Understanding Neurodiversity. All training is tailored to the establishment that we are visiting so that you can support neurodiverse families or individuals to your best potential. 



All training packages can be provided on site or online via zoom. 

Training is charged per hour at €325 (inclusive of all materials and travel). A minimum of two hours training is required in all circumstances. 


To make a booking or further enquire about training packages please email Amy at or call 0892174653.