Little Kneaders Sensory Santa Experience



Our Sensory Santa Experience is a specially curated event for neurodivergent children, their siblings and families. Dreamt up by specialists in sensory play and regulation to relieve the pressure of queues, public judgment and to allow children to be their true authentic selves in an understanding and nurturing environment. 

Enter a room filled with sensory experiences including sensory pathways, lights, regulation equipment, sensory toys and tools designed to support, regulate and ignite the sensory systems of every child who comes through the door. 

With a limit of 10 families per 50 minute slot from 2024 (even further reduced from 2023 where we had 15 families per session) we have tried to relieve the overwhelm of crowds and noise for children and families. 

Children then have the chance to meet our specially trained Santa in a low stimulation environment where there is space for them to run, move or cuddle up to Santa depending on their needs and wishes. Each child receives a gift of a fidget toy or a small tin of Little Kneaders sensory dough and a chocolate lolly. 

Tickets for our Sensory Santa 2024 will be available from 12pm September 1st 2024.