Little Kneaders with Ground Wellbeing


This beautiful range of three therapy doughs has been lovingly created for adults and children experiencing turbulent periods and times of great discomfort in their lives.

Little Kneaders and Ground Wellbeing have combined their knowledge and experience in their fields to create these three buttery soft therapy doughs. The doughs have been scented with the all natural, hand blended luxurious essential oils from Ground Wellbeing to achieve a therapy tool for the mind and body in times of need.

The colours have been expertly chosen to reflect the scents and purpose.

Therapy dough has many benefits and is used to refocus the mind to relieve anxiousness and tension, promote feelings of calm, reduce blood pressure and slow the heart rate. As the dough is squished, pinched and squeezed, it becomes warmer and the beautiful scent of the oils becomes stronger, allowing the mind and body to relax further.


For children and adults living with cancer and in active cancer treatment. This all natural dough has been made using the Ground Wellbeing super seed oil – a 100% natural oil that has been created using the power of antioxidants in plants –  Cucumber, blackseed, rosehip and cranberry. Kind and gentle on fragile skin with a beautiful earthy scent to encourage deep breaths and calmness.

We understand how traumatic and overwhelming receiving cancer treatment can be. This dough has been created to become a companion for children and adults in active treatment to help relieve those feelings during trips to the hospital, during treatment itself and as part of aftercare.


For children and adults who find it difficult to calm an overactive mind before bed. Scented with the Ground Wellbeing sleep essential oil of lavender and bergamot, this soft dough has been created to be used to unwind and promote feelings of calmness. When used during a bedtime or evening routine, this dough can help slow our heart rates and encourage built up tensions from school or work to release from our minds and body.


For children over the age of six years and adults. Designed to encourage focus and awaken the mind using an oil blended of Eucalyptus, lemongrass and Peppermint. This dough has been created with children who find it hard to keep their focus and those adults who are suffering with dementia and Alzheimers in mind. Therapy dough can be an invaluable tool, designed to help with periods of agitation, to encourage muscle memory in fingers and hands and to stimulate the mind with memory recall through scent. Our Uplifting dough has also been designed for those who struggle with anxiety and depression to encourage feelings to regulate and the mind to refocus to the hands.

Ground Wellbeing

Ground Wellbeing is a highly regarded Irish business, founded by the inspirational Peigin Crowley in 2020 during the pandemic. Peigin has spent over 20 years in the world of Spa and is a wellness curator, creating award winning spa experiences with wellbeing at the core.

Ground crafts natural plant based ingredients to create products that are intuitive self care rituals. All of the products are handmade in small batches in Co Cork, using vegan ingredients; organic where possible, and blended with sincere intention to soothe the soul.